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Development Services
OC Logic will help you reach your goal.

OC Logic Development Services were designed to provide customers with easy access to OC Logic development professionals. 

Web Development

How your website looks and feels influences a customers perception of your business.  Customers like easy navigation, concise and easy access to important information.  The OC Logic web development team listens to your requirements and develops custom solutions that meet your business and customer requirements.

E-commerce Services

OC Logic has been building and implementing electronic commerce solutions since 1992.  Experienced in all phases of electronic commerce, we continue to provide a wide range of solutions that integrate the unique needs and expectations of our customers.  We specialize in affordably priced solutions and real-time electronic payment.

Database Services

Microsoft Access, SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, MySQL, and PostgresQL are just a few of the databases used to deliver content on today's dynamic web sites.  OC Logic database administrators are ready to help you evaluate your database needs and design solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Programming Services

Web sites have quickly progressed from simple online brochures to sophisticated data driven sites.  XML, COM+, JAVA, PHP, Active Server Pages and a variety of dynamic content generating tools dominate today's development environment.  OC Logic Programming Services provide customers with access to programmers that have real-world experience with today's development platforms.